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When I first started this blog, it was rather ironic. I hated blogs, and I only read 2 blogs regularly, a monk’s blog and my priest’s blog. Now I read the blogs of my friends, too, and other edifying blogs I have discovered. Blogs are a good tool to draw closer to my friends (as far as is possible via the internet). I never would have imagined I would have my own. But here I have one, eh? I don’t really expect people to read it. I do not know anything, and I have nothing profitable to say. I am not pious. I do not give good advice, and I lead a poor and sinful life. So this is a sort of “accountability blog” for myself. I am making a conscious effort, strengthened by God, Mary, and all the saints, to change my life for the glory of Him who created me in His goodness, love, compassion and mercy. This blog will have my falls and the times when I get back up. It is about The Journey we all must embrace. We must all bear our cross, and this will detail my highs and lows as I feebly attempt to carry mine. And I’ll need some help carrying it. Even Jesus needed some help carrying His Cross. This is my spiritual journey, my longing for the love of God, and I believe this blog will aid me in my struggles and allow me to sort my thoughts and analyze my life as it drifts by. If anyone stumbles on this blog and manages to learn from my mistakes, well then… Glory to God for all things!

This blog first started as “Change for the Glory of God” as I was making a conscious effort to change for God’s glory. It then turned to “God Died for Me and I Don’t Give a Damn” in focus of my lack of love for God and my wretched, sinful state. Now, it is in its final and lasting state, in its final form with ever evolving content as my life progresses. As my spiritual father commented, however, “You are so negative and down on yourself and need to learn Christian joy and cheer, which is what we do indeed receive from Christ.” This brought to my mind the verse that says that God is love. God does not represent love. He is not a symbol of love. God is love! He is an inescapable reality that is love unfathomable. Pondering this, I exceed in joyous jubilation! Glory to God that He loves me, such a sinner!

This has become the theme of my blog. I am still a sinner. This blog will still be my accountability blog, it will still help me in my struggle, it will still detail my falls and the times I manage to get back up and take a few more steps before falling again. But God is now the focus as I am ever striving to truly pick up my cross and follow Christ. Christ fills me with Life and Light. His love exceeds far beyond anything I can even try to begin to comprehend.

So this is my focus on God. This is my journey. This is my attempt to carry my cross that Christ has given me unto my salvation. I am ever following God’s love, and I am focusing on it. God is love. His love should overflow within me. God forbid I should ever forget this reality.

Glory to God in the highest! He is our focus! May He have mercy on, bless, and keep us all!

Here is a link to my first post: God Died for Me and I Don’t Give a Damn. That post was my first sort of “tangible” means to start my struggle which I had previously neglected so miserably. I’ve been struggling ever since. Glory to God!



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