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Out of the Mouths of Babes March 8, 2009

Posted by Justin Farr in Ramblings, The Journey.

This morning I finally understood more fully what Christ meant when He said, “Be like little children.”

I reluctantly woke up this morning at 8AM. I go down the hall and likewise wake up my little sister, Daria, who is 3 (almost 4). She groggily opens her eyes to behold the light of day shining into her room, filtered through purple curtains. “I have a bad headache,” she says, and she crawls out of bed and heads to the bathroom. I then go to stir Mama, who is already awake. She says to not wake Daria up because she has been up with her all night; she had’nt been feeling well.

I told Mama that I already woke her up, so she instructs me to ask Daria how she feels.

“Daria, how do you feel?” I ask.

“I feel bad,” she pouts, and looks up at me with a frown and eyelids yearning to close again.

“You do? Do you want to go to church?”

“Ya! I wanna go to Sunday school!”

“But you don’t feel good,” I tell her.

“Jesus make me better in the morning,” she smiles, and goes to get panties out of her drawer.

A few weeks ago she was sick and prayed to Jesus before bed that He would make her feel better. The next morning she woke up feeling fine. She still remembers it, and went to church and Sunday school with utmost faith that Jesus would make her better.

She’s feeling better now… 🙂

I need to learn how to be more child-like. God help me, and to You we ascribe utmost glory! Amen!



1. Justin Farr - March 8, 2009

Iconography by Matthew D. Garrett @ http://www.holy-icons.com/

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