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Fight or Flight September 13, 2008

Posted by Justin Farr in Ramblings.

***This was during a period where I fell from God. Keep this in mind, even though this is a real instinct. :P***

I’ve experienced a very powerful instinct.

I was sitting lazily at my computer earlier tonight, minding my own business, when Daria, my three year old sister, lets out a scream. She’s a bit ghetto (we are trying to adopt), so I figured she had done something that needed a spanking. I come out of my room with nonchalance to see what had happened. But then… that’s no “I’m crying because I was spanked” scream. I enter panic mode and my heart beats faster as my feet carry my to the living room with haste.

Mom had Daria pinned down on the couch and David was hovering over her. My eyes go wide as mom barks out orders for me to retrieve cu-tips and a tissue. I run to the bathroom like I have never had any greater mission in my life. I hand her the supplied, see david with tweezers up Daria’s nose. I stand there twitching, not knowing how I can help, Daria screaming and crying. Then David pulls a huge wad of paper out of her nose. Apparently, she had stuck it up there.

With the crisis solve, I noticably relaxed, though my heart raced 5 minutes longer.

Never before have I experience such panic and desperation.

I had one goal: Help her, save her. Slaughter anyone who gets in my way.

I’ve never been so determined and goal oriented in my life. So this is what love does.

Interesting experience tonight, indeed.



1. Andrew - September 14, 2008

“Slaughter anyone who gets in my way”??? Dude, you are creepy!

2. Troy - September 24, 2008

Aww… Poor thing sounds like she was terrified. I was thinking there was going to be some kind of creature crawling in her. How’d she get paper stuck up there?

3. Justin Farr - September 24, 2008

She somehow got a hold of some paper and was laying there in bed shoving it up her nose! 😛

Kids. lol.

But ya, I was terrified and adrenaline started pumping and my base instincts kicked in. xD

4. Troy - September 26, 2008

Yeah I had a similar experience when I was working on a farm. A friend of mine had fallen done after we tried to coax a sow into a cage. The sow jumped over some feed bags where my friend was and getting ready to run over her. Well something came over me, I grabbed her by the arm and stood her straight up on her feet. That was a weird experience it’s like some sort of survival mechanism takes over you and controls you.

5. Andrew - October 9, 2008

Hello mate! Hope you don’t mind writing this here. So, how have you been doing? It’s just that there was no new post, and I felt like asking…

6. Justin Farr - October 9, 2008

Andrew, I have been procrastinating. I hope to keep this up again regularly. 🙂 You reminded me that I needed to post a new entry, and I did. I finally got it off my chest as I needed to.

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